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EAST SIDE DAILY NEW, a professional communiy newspaper, was first issued on July 10, 1980. The newspaper has controlled circulation of 20,000 readers.

The newspapers serves Warrensville Heights, the Village of Highland Hills, the Village of North Randall and the City of East Cleveland. It also serves the follwoing political Wards in the City of Cleveland: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5 and Ward 6.

EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS fills a void in reporting and covering news events in its circulation areas that would go unreported if there were not an EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS and for that reason, the founders of EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS were Ulysses Glen, James Hardiman, LaMar Harrell, David Roman, and William Merritt.

It should be noted that the founders of EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS, voted for Glen to be the publisher of the newspaper at its inception; he still holds the position.

One of the main focuses of a newspaper is to report positive news events within the community. EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS has strived to continue to report the positive aspects of the community as well as report general news events.

The first issue of EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS, newspapter was published under the name of ASCENSIONS NEWS, because the name ASCENSIONS was difficult to pronounce, the newspaper was changed to EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS on June 30, 1981.

Since EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS existnce, there has been a lot of progress for the newspaper.

The newpaper's office has always been located at 11400 Woodland Avenue. The office building is the old Victor Orlando Barbershop, and this location at one time was an Italian neighborhood. According to the late Victor Orlando, he says he cut Rocky Marciano's hair in the building.

For your information, Marciano was the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1952-1956. Marciano's record is 49-0. It should be noted that Larry Holmes, the former heavyweight boxing champion, was not able to tie Marciano's record. Homes' record is 60-5.

EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS was first published bi-monthly and on August 30, 1984, the newspaper became a weekly publication. The newspaper is published on Friday's.

The early issues of EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS were prepared by Ulysses Glen until April of 1981 when the newspapter hired its first news editor, Elliot Maras.

Today, EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS is a full service newspaper, preparing the total newspapter at its office and farming out its press run.

The following quote by former Congressman Louis Stokes, is appropriate for EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS: "The founders of the EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS, James Hardiman, Lamar Harell, Wlliam Merritt, David Roman and Ulysses Glen are to be commemded for their foresight in recognizing the need for a community newspaper."

As EAST SIDE DAILY NEWS celebrated its 34 year on July 10, 2014, the founders should commend themselves not only for a job well done, but for putting together a newspaper that has become a vital voice in the Greater Cleveland area.